awalnya iseng,,walaupun udah kepikiran dari lama sih,, akhirnya jadi juga ini blog!!yippiee..

okehh,,karena ini postingan pertama,,kenalan dulu kali ya..

as u know, my name: ganda ilmana..sounds like a boy name??yeah,, but in fact,,i’m totally a girl!! 🙂

then why it is “lovelynine?” mm,,not an important reason actually, it just,,u know,,birthday..^^

then, who am i?

well, just an ordinary girl, i’m 18 now, i’m in college, i do what i want to do, i love many things, i love people, love to feel, love to hear, n love to see..everything!!

yey,,not really descibe me, isn’t it??hahah,,sorry.. i’m not a good story-maker..


studying medicine stuffs. doing tasks. meet friends. sharing. facebooking(god,,it’s so addictive). eating. sleeping.reading. walking. smiling. trying to be good to my God. to my fams. to people. n then,  being happy..

ok,,segitu dulu,,

masih mau mikir nih mau nulis apa lagi lain kali..hhee

see u!!

quotes for today:

life is a challenge. meet it.

life is a game. play it.

life is a song. sing it.

life is a dream. realize it.

life is a love. live it.