Here we are. After the long long time, i’m back :). And guess what, my last post was in 2011 and whooaa today is 2013. Guess i’ve left this blog too long :'(. My bad.

Okey, actually i’m not sure about what will i write now.

Maybe just some random post? kekeke. Random things almost always work for me :p

So, life changes. People come and go. Some wound healed. Some leaves scars. Some mistakes forgiven. Some are forgotten. Some promise fulfilled. The rest is still in question, though.

FYI, i’m writing this post while listening to taylor swift’s “begin again”. And some part of the lyric really hit me now.

for the first time, what’s past is past”.

Yup, what’s past is past.



Ok, now i’m facing some writer’s block syndrome. @%&*$ >,<

Guess i’ll just leave some words from my personal diary :D. Taken from the 9th sept 2012. On my 22nd b’day. lets take a look!

i’m blessed. good things happen all the time to me and people around. Okey, maybe this past 3 years were the hardest i’ve ever had, but again, it makes me stronger.

All the sadness and tears tought me to become someone who can accept what’s meant to be and to believe in destiny that Allah designed for me.

All the joy and laugh taught me that basically happiness is within ourself. it is there, always without us knowing. it is our feeling that matters.

As long as i can control myself, everything will be okay.

And of course, some special words for my mom, because without her, i am not who i am today. Thankyou Mom,  for always supporting me, giving me courage and confident to do things i want, giving me the strength to fulfill my dreams, and also guiding me to never lose sight of who I am because living as someone else just isn’t worth it.

OK, Done copying :p

Maybe that’s enough for now. Guess i need some time to get myself got used back to this blogging world ;D

See you ((^_^))v